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About Us

Bespoke lifestyle experiences, created b(el) y(as) & me.

bymelifestyle was founded to provide a more complete hospitality experience to the nearly 40% of Britons dining out at least once a month in the UK (with many others dining out more frequently). Watch our video and learn more about what we do, then our story and beyond below.


Our Story

With close to 10 years of work experience each in the industry, the Now experts met and began their careers in 2008 studying Hospitality management at Westminister Kingsway college, which boasts notable alumni including Jamie Oliver, Ainsley Harriott and Sophie Wright. The founders took on various roles including work as trainee managers in a 5-star members only country club in Boca Raton, Florida and administrative, Maître’d and management roles in multiple 5 star hotels and Michelin starred restaurants. Between them, the founders have served countless VIPs (HRH Prince William and Catherine Middleton) and hundreds of A list celebrities (Dame Helen Mirren, Nicole Kidman and Pele…) whose needs differed only marginally from that of everyday people yet were granted with what to the founders believe should be a basic service provided to all. These include: the obvious (F&B), transportation, sense of belonging, recognition and the frequent act of people going above and beyond. Such experiences demonstrated to them the possibility of combining premium customer care with personal, physical and mental relief to create attainable experiences, producing genuine satisfaction from those who received it.


Of recent years, the founders have worked within corporate roles which not only open their eyes to the realization those in the corporate world are far removed from the abundance of fantastic hospitality and experience-based options available but also lacked the time, creativity and knowledge to create the most fitting experiences for themselves and/or another – que byme. Today, bymelifestyle offers multiple end-to-end experiences curated to meet the needs of our members. We go above and beyond, filling in the gaps to a complete hospitality experience appreciated by all.


Our vision is that: “One day everyone will say, the best experiences are started byme”

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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